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I shoot what I like and if I like what I shoot ...
then you may see the pics on these pages.

Child Playing in water - Rob Glenister

A Photograph
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Photography is the art of capturing light with a camera, often via a digital sensor or film, to create an image. Yet this does not capture the true IMPACT that photographs and images have on our lives. Photographs are snapshots in time capturing the moment that reflects our memories as time goes by. 

They tell our story, they remind us of the good times, and they become our legacies of a life well-lived. 

What would you like to see?

My portfolio includes wildlife, activities, landscapes, portraits, favourite locations and other stuff.


I enjoy how images impact our lives, inspiring our thinking and even our choices. Playing with the quality of photographs means that any print can be used for the production of videos, posters, canvas art prints, fabric print designs and good old-fashioned photographs to adorn the walls of our homes and offices. Generally, my photo editing approach ensures that the images remain as natural and beautiful as they are in the moment of their capture, keeping that true realistic feel in every moment. Here and there I might deviate from the norm, for effect.

A variety of high quality pictures, stock images to choose from for websites and other projects.

Own your Favourite Image Today


These images are all for sale for $15.

You can select a standard resolution (adequate for printing) or a high resolution (larger file size).

Simply choose the ones you want (take down the image number) and contact us with your requirements via the Contact section of the site.


We will respond to you as quickly as possible with details of how you can make payment. The images will then be sent to you promptly. If you’re not entirely happy with the results, we will refund you within 14 days.

We look forward to dealing with you.

It's about photography

Rob Glenister Photography, Photography Services, Wedding, Events; Wild Life; animals; photos; visuals, posters, canvas, inspire, photo, images,  South Africa, Cape Town, snapshots, affordable
Photography Services;  Wedding; Events; Wild Life; animals; photos; visuals; posters; canvas; inspire; Rob Glenister Photography
Photography Services;  Wedding; Events; Wild Life; animals; photos; visuals; posters; canvas; inspire

"It seems that I’ve always been interested in photography and can remember “inheriting” a Brownie box camera before my teens. It was only later in life, after a three-week road trip to Namibia when I started producing a journal that I realized that a decent camera and a little training might be worthwhile. 


Today, everyone with a cell phone is a photographer so I’m unlikely to give up my day job soon. But local travelling, writing, and photography (in no particular order) are passions of mine and I practice each of these for my enjoyment. That doesn’t mean that if you’d like to pay me a vast sum of money for any of my images, I won’t accept it with alacrity. Of course, you could copy any of the pictures from the screen, but the resolution may not be great and you're going to have to rub out the watermark. Anyway, that wouldn't be nice of you. Rather buy an image.


I enjoy most forms of photography (except possibly portraiture and weddings) but if I were to choose my favourite genres they would have to be wildlife and photojournalism. To me, a good picture tells a story and that’s why I have so much admiration for Obie Oberholzer. (No, he doesn’t know me.) 

Here’s hoping that viewing these images gives you as much pleasure as it did me while taking them. May they stir good memories."

- Rob

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Meet Rob
Rob Glenister; Photography Services;  Wedding; Events; Wild Life; animals; photos; visuals; posters; canvas; inspire

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Photography is a love affair with life

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