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Fearless or Foolish

We all have some propensity for risk – some of us only a tiny, teeny little bitty. Others, like these men, photographed fishing off the Kalk Bay peer at the height of a storm, are just plain adrenalin junkies, not happy unless they risk life and limb. I always consider myself a bit of a risk taker, until I saw them.

You get a perspective of the magnitude of the waves if you compare the height of the fisherman standing upright and the top height of the wave immediately behind him. For me, it was a frightening situation and, if you do catch decent size fish, how the hell do you land it in these conditions?

But, was this courage or bravado – verging on insanity? Simply getting back to safe territory is going to be challenging. That wave is going to crash down on the pier with an almighty force. If you’re in the way, you’re in the water – simple as that.

Me, I think they’re crazy. But then, everyone to his or her own. That’s what makes life so interesting.

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